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In-Store Demo & Event Execution Software

Save time, money & labor costs while increasing speed, productivity & Accuracy
All of your data is quickly accessible to you in real time, your clients, your staff and your stores at any web browser.
With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a solid, proven track record you can ensure that your company can grow with confidence.
It's not enough to have your data stored and retrieved. We have the smarts to help your company work faster not harder.

IDS is a cloud based solution for In-Store Demonstration and Event companies. It streamlines the entire process from start to finish. It enables companies to focus on growing their business while delivering great results to their clients.

IDS has been developed over the past 25 years and is now the leading software in its field with companies worldwide. IDS is a proven solution that continues to grow and improve.

Since 1999 it has grown into the worlds best in-store demo and event agency software worldwide.

Unlike a lot of software that has been adapted to try to meet the needs of In-Store and Event companies IDS was created for these companies specifically.

IDS is a truely remarkable software package that can help your company to reduce its costs, grow and be assured that you are getting the best possible solution.

QuickBooks Integration

Full integrated with Quickbooks means the press of 1 button in ISDemos transfers all of your invoices to QuickBooks.

Paychex Integration

Full integrated with Paychex allows for your staff to come over to ISDemos and then be paid with the click of a button.

Infield Alive Integration

The best site for field staff and company reviews means that your company and staff stay competitive.


Real companies & real people you can contact

We started working with ISDemos 9 years ago. It has proven to be a reliable and innovative platform that has made a significant difference in how we do business. As an In-Store Event company with over 500 employees ISDemos connects all stakeholders (our staff, our demonstrators, payroll company and our clients) on a single streamlined platform that brings effeciencies and cost savings at all levels. We continue to appreciate how responsive ISDemos has always been with request for modifications that address both our changing needs and those of our clients, We look forward to working with ISDemos for many years to come.
Linda Moody
Managing Partner at Premier Connections
Before using ISDemos we used Excel to manage all of our Field staff. 5 years on and I don’t know how our company could survive without ISDemos. ISDemos is fantastic in it’s ability to manage every aspect of our company right through to pays and invoicing. Gavin and his team are a dream to work with also. They offer first class support that I couldn't find anywhere else.
Lyn Coghlan
General Manager at A Team Merchandising